Tuesday, November 24

The M Family

My second Christmas photoshoot and it was a success! These are my neighbors and they take great photos! We enjoyed using our neigborhood center & the lake down the road! Hope you all enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 22

Model Miss Austin

This was a fun shoot at the college! I think these turned out pretty good!!

Wednesday, November 18

Finally I get a photoshoot with the H family

This is one of my good friends and we have been tryin to get together for 2 months! Finally a sucess before "dad" deploys :( but anyway we had a lot of fun with this shoot!

The P family returns

This is my first Christmas photoshoot and I am so happy to have repeat business with this awesome family! We took these photos at their home on the back porch and the living room! They are so fun to work with! Happy Holidays!


These two are the best sisters ever! They needed some pics for Mom! We had fun with these!

Thursday, August 27

Model Brit

Brit aka Brit Brit is a good friend of mine. She has been making some changes in her life and wanted to start fresh with some new photos. She turned out to be a Great model and I hope that we can do another shoot together soon! The best photos are always the ones that are uncomfortable as you will see. Here are some photos from downtown that we took!

Thursday, August 20

Family Graduate

My brother in law graduated High School this year! We are proud of him! He is an awesome basketball player and we hope that he can further his career in basketball!

Monday, July 27

Baby girl Amira (2 weeks old)

This was a fun shoot, and we tried some new things! I look forward to the family shoot with this family next month! FYI I also make Birth Announcements & Invitations.

Saturday, July 25

Glamour Mom

Yes, this is my mom, she is a very glamorous woman!

Monday, July 20

6 mo. Baby girl

Yesterday I had a fun photo shoot with my friends baby girl. She was too cute! I hope that I get the opportunity to do her photos again in the future!

Friday, July 17

First Newborn Baby photoshoot!

I recently did my first newborn baby photoshoot along with some family photos. I enjoyed taking these and I hope that they will enjoy having the photos to show off their new baby girl.