Thursday, September 23

Precious lil ones =)

Today was a fun photo shoot with miss Amanda's lil ones! They are super cute! Here are a few photos!

Wednesday, September 15

Princess for a Day!

A lot of things going on with Miss K, she just had a birthday and became a Big Sister! Now it's time for her to shine! Had so much fun with our photo shoot!!

Monday, September 13

Back together again :)

This daddy just came home from deployment and now their family is complete again! They are such a sweet family & their lil boy is adorable! Enjoy these photos from today!

Thursday, September 9

Mommy & Me

Today was really fun with Ms. C and her handsome lil man! Here are some photos from their session!

Giggly & in Love

So finally I get to meet the famous Mr. B who has Miss Angelica so giggly & in love! They are so sweet & adorable! Here are some photos from our photo session!