Friday, July 30

Mommy & Me

We had fun today doing a Mother/Daughter photoshoot! Toddlers are a challenge as always! But they are also fun to play around with and try to get them to smile!! :) Here are some photos from today! Enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 28

Pinup photos!!!

Today was awesome! I did my first pinup photoshoot with one of my neighbors! And she was perfect for this! These photos are really cute! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 25

Baby Boy is turning 2

So lil man is about to be 2 years old, and it's amazing how children change month to month, year to year! So here are some photos from our shoot!

"W" Wedding

So my friend/neighbor ask me to photograph her wedding! I was honored & so excited to be doing another wedding!! This time we had more time to do more on location photos with the bride and groom which was soo much fun! I hope you enjoys these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Tuesday, July 13

Beautiful Baby Boy

07.03.10 Wedding

The Floyd/Beeson was very pretty and everyone was really nice! We had a lot of fun taking photos before the wedding! It was also nice to see some people I went to school with.

Family Fun

I love visiting my family every chance i get! I really enjoy capturing the moments of the young children in our family!

Senior 2011

It was an awesome privelage to take my cousins senior photos! I never imagined I would be doing this, but was so honored that I was asked!